The Impact of Timing on 5G Services – White Paper

5G communications networks rely on high-precision source clocks that lock to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). If the GNSS timing reference is lost or impaired, calls will drop and

Accurate and Precise Time is a Foundational Element in Zero Trust Networks

Time is central to accurate log files that define the who, what, when and where of all activity in a Zero Trust network. Time that is accurate, reliable and secure

Microchip Data Center Newsletter

Latest bits and bytes about the data center market segment, including META-DX2+ secure ethernet and Zero Trust Networks.

TimePictra 11.1 Syncronization Management System

Version 11.1 release of TimePictra® Synchronization Management System provides a clustered architecture for the management and monitoring of timing infrastructure.

Microchip 5G Newsletter – V.4 2022

Zero Trust Network Application Note, DoT PNT Roundtable, SyncServer 5.0, BlueSky 2200 Features, TimePictra 11.1 and more!

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