Attention all NTP SyncServer customers. Are you aware of the upcoming GPS Rollover event happening on September 18th?

The Situation

In 2016, Microchip issued a Product Discontinuance Notice for their SyncServer S100 / S2xx / S3xx models:

  • SyncServer S100 / S2xx / S3xx models are no longer being manufactured effective 2016
  • SyncServer S100 / S2xx / S3xx models are End of Life (EOL) effective 2018

If these products are currently deployed in your production network(s), you may be at risk. Microchip and Empowered recommend replacing all discontinued models with the new SyncServer S600 / S650 as soon as possible to avoid any potential disruption.

SyncServer S600 / S650 features:

  • Zero-Trust Network Compliant
  • Direct replacement of S100 / S2xx / S3xx, with existing cabling & antenna
  • Four GbE ports standard, all with patented NTP hardware timestamping
  • Security-hardened, with Denial-of-Service (DoS) detection and protection
  • Unique NTP Reflector with extreme performance, security & firewall protection
  • Exceptional Accuracy – <15ns RMS to UTC, <1×10-12 Frequency Accuracy
  • Dual Power Supply option, PTP Support Options, and much more…

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Empowered can help.

Empowered can help you verify any affected products in your network.  Let our team help you:

  • Verify the date the unit was manufactured and determine if you are affected
  • Confirm current warranty coverage, and quote ongoing maintenance & support
  • Discuss options for replacing your unit(s) and/or reducing risks in the short term
  • Configure a solution that delivers the accuracy, reliability and security you need

Empowered is Microchip’s long-standing, go-to partner in Canada for sales, support, professional services and training.  We’ve built a deep, unique partnership founded upon our deep expertise in network timing & synchronization.

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