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TimeProvider 4100 hardware unit with hand placing square icon blocks on top.timing-synch-products-for-military-5g
Protect Critical Infrastructure Networks with the TimeProvider® 4100 Release 2.3 Grandmaster Timing and Synchronization System

Microchip’s new timing grandmaster enhancements improve deployment flexibility, security and scalability
Timing and Synchronization Products for Military 5G Applications

Explore advances in timing and synchronization products and how they are taking military 5G applications to the next level.
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Do I Really Need GNSS Timing Receivers in Every 5G Aggregation Site?

5G wireless communication networks require very tight time synchronization at every node to maximize spectrum usage efficiency and capacity throughput.
Microchip-branded integrated circuit package.
Single-Chip Network Synchronization for Ultra-Precise 5G Timing

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