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Microchip Introduces New CXL Smart Memory Controllers for Data Center Computing Enabling Modern CPUs to Optimize Application Workloads

The SMC 2000 family of smart memory controllers delivers DDR memory bandwidth, capacity expansion, reliability and media flexibility for next-generation CPUs and SoCs to accelerate AI and machine learning performance.
Case Study – Secure, High-Capacity Storage Server

Cheetah RAID Storage delivered a secure, high-capacity and high-throughput storage server that enables the mission operator to fully utilize the data collection capabilities of the latest sensors, as well as the extended operational capabilities of the sensing platform.
New Products and Tools
one pm8701 and one mp8702 microchipCXL™-Based SMC 2000 Smart Memory Controllers

SMC 2000 Smart Memory Controllers are best-in-class Compute Express Link (CXL) Type 3 memory controllers designed to meet the growing memory bandwidth and capacity demands of data center workloads.

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