Empowered is pleased to announce that the 2.1 release features new enhancements that offer the most precise timing and 5G mobile network phase protection available!

Most notably, 2.1 includes a Virtual Primary Reference Time Clock (vPRTC). Virtual PRTC supports the capability to design a redundant precise time distribution architecture for phase protection over an optical network. Key features include:

  • A dedicated lambda to transport time precisely and securely.
  • A high-performance and redundant source of time through enhanced PRTC (ITU-T G.8272.1).
  • Bi-directional, precise time flows (east and west).
  • Connected high-precision, multi-domain, high-performance boundary clocks that meet today’s standards (T-BC Class D, as defined by ITU-T G.8273.2).

Please reference the Datasheet for more information. 

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