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Microchip’s Eric Colard recently delivered a live webinar, Overcoming high deployment costs of Synchronizing Enterprise Small Cells, that highlights the challenges of distributing phase timing for LTE-Advanced in indoor small cell deployments, and Microchip’s new IGM-1100i solution.  View this post for a recording of the session, the slides presented, and more.

Webinar Overview

Overcoming high deployment costs of Synchronizing Enterprise Small Cells

LTE-Advanced features require tight frequency and phase timing to synchronize with nearby cells – far more demanding than 3G or initial LTE services. This is very difficult to achieve indoors, where satellite GNSS signals are weak.

This webinar reviews the importance of phase timing and how best that can be achieved for indoor small cells. Microchip will also introduce an innovative solution that drastically reduces installation and deployment costs while achieving the high precision of frequency and phase synchronization required.

The webinar focuses on the new IGM-1100i solution, recently profiled in EE Journal.
The session was presented by Eric Colard, Microchip Frequency and Time Division, and was recorded on Tuesday, March 31, at 11am EDT.

View the webinar recording on YouTube here.

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