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Microchip has announced a new, game-changing solution for indoor small-cell deployments. The new Integrated GNSS Master (IGM-1100i) fully integrates a best-in-class 1588v2 PTP grandmaster with a GNSS receiver and antenna, and uses Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for power and network connectivity. The Microchip indoor wall or ceiling mounted IGM automatically self-configures, locks to GNSS signals, and provides precise frequency and phase synchronization signals. The IGM entirely eliminates the need for an outdoor GNSS antenna, and associated cabling and deployment costs, a significant hurdle for cost-effective indoor small cell deployments.

To learn more about the how the new IGM-1100i addresses the challenges of phase timing for indoor small cell deployments, view this webinar recording.  More specifics are available in the IGM-1100i Product Brief,  The Integrated GNSS Master (IGM) – Easily Bring GNSS PTP Timing Indoors.

To arrange a demo of the IGM-1100i, please contact Empowered by Optm.

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