Extend the life of your original Cesium Frequency Reference

Renew and restore the performance of your original cesium instrument, while extending the lifespan at a fraction of the cost of replacing new equipment.

Microchip’s high or standard performance replacement cesium beam tubes meet or exceed the original performance levels when all other components of the instrument perform to original specifications. Microchip offers cesium beam tube replacement for all Microchip cesium instruments and many models of cesium instruments formerly manufactured by Hewlett-Packard®, Agilent® and Datum® and Symmetricom.

Key Features

  • Replacement tubs offer significant time and cost savings
  • Functionality meets or exceeds the original performance levels
  • Includes Installation Kit: Complete kits include key electrical parts, bracket adapters, as well as detailed retrofit and alignment procedures.
  • Microsemi Installation Services Available: For those direct replacement cesium beam tube installations that require minor modifications, Microsemi Global Services offers engineering and factory retrofit work necessary for your particular instrument. This ensures proper installation and verification by our expert staff.
  • Robust Warranty
    • Standard performance cesium beam tubes 10890A: 10-year warranty
    • High performance cesium beam tubes 10891A: 5-year warranty

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