4:1 GPS Active Splitter

Provides Dependable Signals

image of gps active splitter

Microchip’s 4:1 Active Splitter allows multiple GPS receivers to share a single antenna. Designed for both manufacturing and position/timing redundancy applications, the 58536A GPS L1 Active Splitter provides dependable signals for up to four GPS receivers. For large manufacturing facilities, the Microchip 4 port Active Splitter 58536A can provide as many GPS-L1 (1575.42 MHz) signals as your manufacturing floor requires. With built-in amplification to overcome splitter losses, the Active Splitter can be conveniently cascaded without adding separate amplifiers and bias-tees between splitters.

High Isolation Eliminates Receiver Interactions

Microchip GPS Active Splitters have the essential port-to-port isolation required to eliminate interaction between multiple GPS receivers. Without such isolation, local oscillator (LO) leakage from one GPS receiver can prevent other receivers from acquiring time and position signals and maintaining lock. In wireless base station applications, poor isolation can disable cell sites. In GPS manufacturing tests, poor isolation causes repeatability problems which can reduce yields and cause false rework. Microchip Active Splitters have a minimum of 40 dB isolation at common GPS LO frequencies between every combination of output ports. Extensive field testing by GPS and cellular base station manufacturers has demonstrated suitability for use and the long-term dependability of Microchip GPS L1 Active Splitters.

Convenient DC Power Simplifies Your Installation

Power is conveniently obtained from the GPS receiver(s) connected to the amplifier. This eliminates the need for a separate dc power supply and wiring. DC power applied to the splitter is also passed on for use by an active antenna, further simplifying your installation.

Key 58536A Active Splitter Features

  • Multiple ports
  • High isolation
  • Water proof
  • Base station applications

Package Carrier: Box

Electrical RatingSymbolMinTypMaxUnit
Noise Figure (dB)NF5dB
Number of Ports4ports
Operating Frequency (MHz)FOP1575.42MHz
Reverse Isolation (dB)dB50dB

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