PTP converters may enable cost savings by removing the need to install separate 1PPS cabling and provide new redundancy options for the substation time source

Dylan Jenkins, Germany

Tekron’s PTP Translator is a compact DIN-rail mount device that translates PTP (default, power and telecommunications profiles) to legacy time codes such as IRIG-B, DCF77 or user defined pulses. The PTP Translator enables you to migrate to PTP without  having to incur the expense of replacing all your equipment that doesn’t support PTP.

Key Features:

  • Compact DIN-rail mounting form factor
  • Allows IED’s equipped with IRIG-B, Pulse or other common time code inputs to conveniently access a PTP network
  • Intuitive Configuration Software
  • Enhanced Security and encryption that exceed NERC CIP requirements

Input/Output Signals:

  • TTL output
  • Supports C37.118.1
  • RJ45 Ethernet/ST multi-mode Fiber Ethernet
  • ST Fiber output


UL94-V0 polycarbonate flame retardant din rail mount case with IP40 (Ingress Protection rating).
(W) 72 mm x (D) 60 mm x (H) 90 mm
0.15 Kg
DHCP, auto-configuration with fallback to ARP tested link-local address VLAN packet tagging

Oscillator – TCXO

Holdover characteristics operating at 25°C:
– TCXO 1PPS drifts 0.55 ms over a 24 hour period. – Drift rate: 7 ppb per second

Standard Outputs

1 x Copper TTL
0 – 5 V, 150 mA, fused (2 Pin screw terminal)
1 x ST Fiber
62.5/125 um, λ = 820 nm, multi-mode Power budget 17.5 dB (typical)
1 x Sync indication output
300 V, 150 mA DC or 265 V, 100 mA AC (2 Pin screw terminal)

Optional Output

The PTP translator may be fitted with one of the following optional outputs.
1 x Copper TTL
0-5 V,150 mA, fused (2 Pin screw terminal)
1 x Copper AM IRIG- B
8 V, 120Ω output impedance (2 Pin screw terminal)
1 x Serial strings output
+/- 9 V RS232 levels, 15 mA Serial time messages can be configured to be output at 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 and 38400 baud (2 Pin screw terminal)
1 x HV switch MOSFET
300 V, 1 A (2 Pin screw terminal)

Optional Inputs

The PTP translator may be fitted with one of the following Ethernet interfaces.
1 x RJ45
10/100 Ethernet UTP connector


1 x ST Fiber Ethernet
Multi-mode 100 Fx fiber Ethernet
– Stratum-1 NTP & SNTP time server – Multicast & Broad cast server capability – Optional MDS authentication
PTP (IEEE 1588v2)
One or Two Step operation End to End or Peer to Peer delay calculations Layer 2 (Ethernet) or Layer 3 (UDP) transport Slave only mode Default Profile support Power Profile support (C37.238) C37.238 TLV supported C37.238 SNMP MIB supported
– v1, v2c & v3 support can be independently enabled – Configurable v1, v2c community names & security groups – Fully configurable via SNMP – v3 User-based Security Module (USM) support – USM MIB support
USM authentication methods
– MD5 – SHA
USM privacy methods
– SNMP trap generation v1, v2c & v3 – SNMPv3 traps can be authenticated
Remote upgrades supported via Ethernet port


Power to I/O:
1.6 kV
Between TTL outputs A + B:
2.5 kV

Environmental & Electrical

Power Supply options:
L = 14 – 36 Vdc M = 20 – 75 Vdc H = 90 – 300 Vdc
Power drain:
5 W max
Operating Temperature:
-10°C to +65°C
To 95% non-condensing


Customization is achieved using the Tekron Configuration Tool, which is accessed via Ethernet, allowing remote configuration.
Timing & Synchronization:
Worldwide daylight savings and local time configuration using either rule based or fixed date methods. Options that allow equipment checks prior to full installation and adjustable hold-over times to increase reliability in the case of poor GPS coverage. Adjustments to compensate for installation parameters such as delay of GPS signal through antenna cable.
Programmable Outputs:
IRIG-B (B00x / B22x) time code with selectable C37.118.1 and AFNOR S87-500 extensions, DCF77 time code, User defined pulse sequences: − Repetition rates from 20ms to 24 hours − Offsets and durations from 10ms to 24 hours − Resolution is 10ms, timing accuracy is <100ns
Serial Strings:
NMEA-0183 ZDA NMEA-0183 RMC IRIG J-17 Tekron A—G: Seven protocols designed for plug and play compatibility with a wide range of equipment.