4036B RF Distribution Amplifier

One-input, fifteen-output RF distribution amplifier delivers a centralized output signal without degration

The 4036B provides fifteen outputs from a single input for distributing RF signals in laboratory, factory, and test and measurement environments where low phase noise and high channel isolation are required. The 4036B is a 1-input, 15-output RF distribution amplifier in a 1U chassis that provides fifteen isolated copies of a single input.

Frequency Range

The 4036B operates over a frequency range of 1MHz to 20 MHz.

Signal Level Fault Sensing

Fault Sensing of signal level is provided on the input and every output. Faults are indicated on front panel LEDs as well as via an Ethernet interface.

Key Features

  • Low Phase Noise
  • High Channel Isolation
  • 15 Outputs
  • Yields 225 Outputs at 2nd Level
  • LED Status Indicators for All Inputs Outputs
  • Status Information via Ethernet
  • Settable Gain

Package Carrier: Box

Electrical RatingSymbolMinTypMaxUnit
Number of Channels# of Ch.15channels


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