Quartz Ultra Clean-up Oscillator

Improve Cesium Reference performance by filtering phase noise and Allan deviation

The 4145C Ultra-clean phase-locked oscillator filters the output from a high performance Cesium frequency standard and improves both the phase noise and Allan deviation. Using BVA and SC quartz technology, the Microsemi 4145C delivers ultra high short and medium-term performance by cleaning up the signal from a Cesium frequency standard.

Key FeaturesDesigned for High Performance: Utilizes the best BVA and SC quartz technology to filter the output from a high performance Cs frequency standard and improve both the phase noise and Allan deviationSelectable Time Constants: Choose between 10, 50, 200 or 400 seconds to optimize performance Superior Stability For Short and Medium Term Performance:L (1 Hz) = -125 dBc/Hz at 5 MHzL (10 kHz) = -160 dBc/Hz at 10 MHzStability (ADEV) = 3E-13 from 1 to 100 secondsStandard Mounting: Mounts in a 19′ chassis

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Electrical RatingSymbolMinTypMaxUnit
Crystal Input Frequency (MHz)fosc5MHz
Input Power (W)PIN50W
Input VoltageVin21.626.4VDC
Input Voltage (Vac)VAC85264VAC
Oscillator Outputs4outputs
Output FrequencyFo510MHz
Short term stability @ 1s3e-13
Depth (in)D22inches
Weight (g)Wgt9000grams
Width (in)W17inches


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