Open a Ticket

When you contact Support, a team member will work with you to:

  • Open a Ticket to enable monitoring and escalation as required
  • Understand your issue and troubleshoot technical problems
  • Answer questions on usage, configuration, and best practices
  • Identify online, internal, and other resources
  • Initiate RMA and/or Repair Processes as required
  • Facilitate logging enhancement requests
  • Monitor your issue through to final resolution

You can reach us by phone at 1-877-325-1855 or by email at


Empowered provides direct support to Microchip Frequency & Timing Systems Customers in Canada

If you need support for Microchip Systems with Platform Maintenance coverage, please use your business email to complete the form above.

If you have 24×7 coverage with an SLA, use the form above to get to the top our queue.

If you don’t have Support coverage in place, we’ll do our best to help you, during working hours.



Customer Support

Empowered’s Customer Support Center in Ottawa is your first point of contact for all Microchip support requests.

Support is a Center of Excellence at Empowered. Customer satisfaction and first call resolution are our primary goals. We take a proactive approach, and notify our customers of new firmware, patches and updates to keep their environments up to date, and identify concerns before they become problems.

Platform Maintenance

In today’s security environment, Platform Maintenance is key to remediating vulnerabilities, and keeping your Microchip products up-to-date, operational and secure. Platform Maintenance provides access to updates, upgrades, patches, point releases, maintenance releases, and related documentation, in addition to access to technical support from our Customer Support Center. Platform Maintenance is available for all Microchip hardware, embedded software, firmware, craft and Network Management System (NMS) software.

To request a quote for Platform Maintenance or renewal, please use the form above.

Extended Hardware Warranty

Extended Warranty contracts extend the initial return-to-factory repair warranty services for Microchip hardware products. Microchip guarantees certified factory repair and an update to the latest revision level (when appropriate), with a guaranteed repair turnaround time. Optionally, extend this with Spares Support, including Advance Replacement of failed units.

To obtain an RMA# for a Warranty Repair, please use the form above. Please include the serial number for the device.

Hardware Repairs

Empowered offers return-to-factory repairs for most current and discontinued products, on a case-by-case basis.

To get a quote for repair, please use the form above. Please include the item's serial number.