S80 wins at ISC West

Microchip’s SyncServer S80 NTP server won the New Product Showcase Award at the ISC West event in Las Vegas, Nevada organized by the Security Industry Association (SIA).

The fully integrated SyncServer S80 with GPS receiver, NTP time server, and PoE interface is network-ready for easy integration into existing physical security networks or small enterprise networks, where it serves as the primary source of accurate time for the essential time stamps on security video footage or system log files.

Key SyncServer S80 attributes that factored in the win were:

  • Ruggedized, security-hardened Stratum 1, GPS NTP server (all fully integrated)
  • Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) network interface
  • Secure Microchip NTP Reflector technology
  • Ideal for physical security networks (especially video surveillance networks that are isolated from the internet but must still have accurate time stamps)

The S80 easily connects into existing (PoE) infrastructure that delivers power, timing, and video feed through a single cable. Connecting the S80 alongside an existing outdoor camera installation is quickly accomplished with the addition of a Microchip PDS-104GO 4+1 managed outdoor switch.

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