TimeProvider® 4100 Clock v2.3

We’re announcing version 2.3 of the TimeProvider 4100 Clock.

New capabilities include:

  • Precision Time Protocol (PTP) capacity increase to 1,000 clients
  • Dual PTP server profiles per port
  • Security enhancements including the latest IEEE® 1588-2019 security prongs
  • Enhanced PTP resiliency options

Learn more and download the technical product brochure.

View our two-minute overview video.

Precision Clocks for Resilient Timing in GNSS-Denied Environments

FTS sponsored a GPS World webinar in August that explored our timing solutions for GNSS-denied environments. Watch the replay of this event and other webinars.

Announcing SSU 2000/2000e and TimeCraft Software Updates

The latest version release 7.3.1 of SSU 2000/2000e:

  • Simplifies the login process and adds security updates to protect your network
  • Automatically sets the Stratum 2E Rb clock card TAU value in new installations to simplify provisioning
  • Extends GPS internal Week Number Rollover (iWNRO) to 2037

We also updated the TimeCraft Graphical User Interface Management (GUI) Utility to version 2.6.5a to support the SSU 2000 7.3.1 release. For the SSU 2000/2000e 7.3.1 Software Release Note (SRN), the SSU 2000 iWNRO Field Service Bulletin (FSB) 098-40621-104 or TimeCraft 2.6.5a SRN, please log into our customer portal.

SyncServer® Clocks Now Offer BlueSky™ Technology GPS Jamming and Spoofing Protection

SyncServer® Time Servers Now Offer BlueSky™ Technology GPS Jamming and Spoofing Protection SyncServer v4.1 software introduced BlueSky technology for GPS jamming and spoofing protection to SyncServer S600/S650 model time servers. Detect, protect and analyze GPS jamming and spoofing anomalies with this new software option, which includes great graphical tools to characterize the local Radio Frequency (RF) environment for optimum protection. Learn more.

BlueSky GNSS Firewall Software Update

Release 3 of BlueSky technology GNSS firewall is now available. This software release supports the new guidelines outlined in the publicly available Department of Homeland Security (DHS) resilient PNT conformance framework document.

Major new features include: (1) trusted time anomaly detection, (2) GPS subframe reference detection, (3) BlueSky technology information charts, (4) enhanced configurable thresholds and (5) enhanced integration with TimePictra 11 platform. Details of these new features are described in the data sheet.

Below are links to recent articles on our solutions for protecting critical infrastructure from GNSS vulnerabilities:

53100A Phase Noise Analyzer

Radar systems and aircraft timing references require low-noise oscillators for mixing signals at X-band and beyond with minimal distortion. We designed the 53100A phase noise analyzer for close-in phase noise characterization of oscillators, including high-performance quartz and atomic frequency standards. In the past, these types of measurements required several calibration steps that included a reference oscillator at the same nominal frequency as the Device Under Test (DUT). But with the 53100A, a single reference oscillator can measure a DUT at any frequency thanks to the direct digital design. Furthermore, the cross-correlation design removes calibration steps that often lead to measurement errors and repeated test runs.

One big challenge in measuring high-performance oscillator technology is finding a reference oscillator with suitable performance to appropriately characterize the technology. With the 53100A, you don’t need access to a high-performance atomic clock to characterize a device with cutting-edge phase noise performance. By simply employing two decent reference oscillators instead of one, you can reach the limits of the 53100A’s measurement floor. Read our latest white paper describing this approach. It contrasts a measurement using a very high-performance reference versus using two “ordinary” oscillators.

Another challenge for systems featuring RF and microwave timing systems is finding a single instrument to measure both frequency ranges. While the 53100A can measure signals up to 200 MHz out of the box, we recently enhanced the software to allow external frequency down-conversion to accurately measure VHF and microwave signals. This paper contrasts frequency division with down-conversion techniques and presents a high-performance, cost-effective solution.

To learn more about the capabilities of the 53100A, including Allan Deviation (ADEV), TDEV, MTIE, jitter, frequency drift measurements and more, please visit the product page or feel free to contact Will Krzewick at will.krzewick@microchip.com

We were proud to be a Diamond sponsor of the 2021 International Timing and Sync Forum (ITSF). The event was held in person on November 1–4, 2021 in Brighton, UK. This is the largest global conference that focuses on timing and synchronization and featured strong attendance from industry experts and participants from 38 countries. Our Frequency and Timing Systems (FTS) team hosted tutorials on day 1 of the forum followed by six presentations and one poster session.

Data Center Timing White Paper

Regulatory and user requirements for data centers demand sub-microsecond sequential time stamps. Time stamping precision and accuracy is critical not only across servers in a data center, but also between data centers in a network. Read our white paper to explore the requirements and our solutions for precise, resilient and secure data center server synchronization.

Above and Beyond COTS with Space CSAC (Chip Scale Atomic Clock)

Market predictions indicate significant growth in the number of satellites launched over the next decade into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for telecom, defense and Earth observation. Released June of 2018, the industry’s first commercially available radiation-tolerant CSAC is ideally suited for LEO applications and provides the accuracy and stability of atomic clock technology critical to many defense and Earth observation applications. The space CSAC is a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) part manufactured to IPC-610 Class 2 standards that utilizes commercial electronic components that are radiation tolerant to 20 krad and 64 MeV. For more info, visit our space CSAC web page, read the full article in our Space Brief newsletter or watch our space CSAC livestream video.

Time Stamps Are Everywhere

Learn about the importance of network time synchronization for enterprise networks in this informative application note. You’ll be surprised to learn where IT admins are using NTP to improve network and business operations.

Webinar Series Hosted by Spirent Communications on Evolving PNT Standards

We recently participated in a webinar hosted by Spirent Communications on threats to GPS/GNSS and an update on standards bodies creating guidelines to further the protection of timing receivers from jamming and spoofing attacks. Guy Buesnel from Spirent describes some of the current threats and Duke Buckner from our FTS business unit discusses the industry actions so far and what is over the horizon to protect global critical infrastructure from GPS/GNSS threats. Watch the webinar to learn more.

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