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Microchip’s TimeProvider® 5000 Software Release 2.2.4 adds support for ITU-T G.8275.1, the new PTP Profile for Phase and Time in telecom networks, recently approved by the ITU.  New units ship with support, and deployed units can be software upgraded (with platform maintenance).  Read on for details.

Microchip’s systems solution portfolio leverages existing frequency PTP clocks to enable PTP Phase Support.  The TimeProvider product line includes:

  • Core GrandMasters with TimeProvider 5000 – supporting frequency PTP and phase PTP simultaneously from a carrier-class, fully redundant IEEE 1588 PTP GrandMaster
  • Edge GrandMasters and Gateway/Boundary clocks with the TimeProvider 2700 and 2300 – provide the flexibility to use as and where needed in your networks
  • The new and innovative IGM-1100i was specifically designed to support convenient and cost-effective indoor small-cell deployments

Microchip’s embedded PTP slave clocks and boundary clocks are designed into a wide range of base stations, small cells and PTP-aware switching equipment.

For more details on upgrading to and deploying Release 2.2.4 for TimeProvider 5000, contact Empowered Support at 1.877.325.1855

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