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GNSS + GPS Antennas and Accessories

GNSS Antenna Accessories for the SyncServer S600/S650 and TimeProvider 4100 Series

Discover GNSS + GPS Antennas and Accessories solutions
GNSS & GPS antennas

A GNSS, or Global Navigation Satellite System, is a generic name for a group of artificial satellites that send position and timing data from their high orbits. The GPS, or Global Positioning System, is just one of the many different sets of satellites that can provide such data.

The signals from the GPS satellites operate in the “semi-visible” spectrum of the L1 band (1575.42 MHz) with a minimum signal level of -162.0 dBW. Given the exceptionally low signal strength, incorporating GPS antennas and accessories into timing solutions is essential for effectively amplifying the signals required to meet business requirements.

At Empowered, we specialize in understanding system clocks and frequency standards designed to provide the most precise, reliable and secure network timing. 

IRIG Time & Frequency Boards
GPS Time and Frequency Boards

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GPS Up_Down Converter Kits
GPS Up/Down Converter Kits

GPS signal down/up conversion is required when signal losses in the antenna cable limit the distance between the receiver and the antenna assembly. At just over 250 feet (76 meters) in cable length, the benefits can be realized using a Down/Up Converter assembly versus the use of low loss cable and amplifiers. Signal strengths and noise immunity as well as the cost benefits over the use of low loss cable and amplifiers are the main advantages of using the Antenna Down/Up Converter assembly.

GPS Inline Amplifiers
GPS Inline Amplifiers

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IRIG Time & Frequency Boards
IRIG Time and Frequency Boards

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GPS Active Splitters
GPS Active Splitters

Microchip’s 4:1 Active Splitter allows multiple GPS receivers to share a single antenna. Designed for both manufacturing and position/timing redundancy applications, the 58536A GPS L1 Active Splitter provides dependable signals for up to four GPS receivers. For large manufacturing facilities, the Microchip 4 port Active Splitter 58536A can provide as many GPS-L1 (1575.42 MHz) signals as your manufacturing floor requires. With built-in amplification to overcome splitter losses, the Active Splitter can be conveniently cascaded without adding separate amplifiers and bias-tees between splitters.

GPS Lightning Arrestor Kit
GPS Lightning Arrestor Kit

Lightning arrestors will protect your systems from lightning damage. In-line lightning arrestors are mounted on a low impedence ground between the antenna and the point where the cable enters the building. This is a commonly used configuration since there is often a good ground nearby to connect to. The lightning arrestors require no additional power or wiring except the ground lead.

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