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System Clocks & Frequency References

Discover System Clocks solutions
System clocks

Atomic physics enable the most stable, accurate and wide range of applications in precision frequency reference clocks worldwide. Microchip’s Rubidium, SAW and quartz oscillators are used in more mission-critical applications than in any other precision frequency references in the world.

Microchip’s comprehensive research, cutting edge engineering, precise manufacturing and integrated software design collectively result in next generation precision frequency standards designed to support exceptional performance and unsurpassed accuracy, stability and reliability, even in the most challenging of applications.

At Empowered, we specialize in understanding system clocks and frequency standards designed to provide the most  precise, reliable and secure network timing.

Phase Noise & Allan Deviation Testers
Phase Noise and Allan Deviation Testers

Microchip’s digital, state-of-the-art test sets bring a paradigm shift to the way that phase noise and ADEV measurements are made. What was once a complicated and costly procedure has now been made easier, more accurate, and more cost effective. Typically used to characterize high precision oscillators and atomic clocks, Microchip’s test sets are simple one-box solutions that characterize even the lowest noise references more accurately than ever before.

Telecom Primary Reference Sources
Telecom Primary Reference Sources

All clocks in a synchronization network must be referenced, or traceable, to a Primary Reference Source (PRS). Microsemi’s GPS Primary Reference Sources, also known as “master clocks,” provide the highest level of time and/or frequency accuracy for telecom networking as required by international standards. Our wide variety of PRS offerings are categorized by the source that is used to derive the timing outputs: GPS (Global Positioning System), Cesium (atomic clock), or Packet PRS (IEEE 1588v2 PTP).

8040C & 8040CLN
8040C and 8040CLN

The Microsemi 8040C and 8040CLN provide a stable and accurate frequency reference with multiple output signal formats in an easy to install 1U rack mountable chassis.The 8040C/8040CLN delivers atomic clock performance, improved frequency, long-term stability, and configurable RF outputs, built-in GPS disciplining and a RS-232 interface for command and control in the field. 8040C/8040CLN has six outputs, each of which can be user configured to provide a 1, 5 or 10MHz sine or square wave or 1PPS output. The standard configuration for the 8040C has three 10MHz, one 5MHz, one 1MHz and one 1PPS output.

Cesium Frequency Standard & Beam Tubes
Cesium Frequency Standards and Beam Tubes

Microchip’s high or standard performance replacement cesium beam tubes meet or exceed the original performance levels when all other components of the instrument perform to original specifications. Microchip offers cesium beam tube replacement for all Microchip cesium instruments and many models of cesium instruments formerly manufactured by Hewlett-Packard®, Agilent® and Datum® and Symmetricom.

TSC 4145C OP01
TSC 4145C OP01

The 4145C Ultra-clean phase-locked oscillator filters the output from a high performance Cesium frequency standard and improves both the phase noise and Allan deviation. Using BVA and SC quartz technology, the Microsemi 4145C delivers ultra high short and medium-term performance by cleaning up the signal from a Cesium frequency standard.

Active Hydrogen Maser
Active Hydrogen Maser

The MHM 2010TM is the only commercially available active hydrogen maser with stand-alone cavity switching auto tuning manufactured in the U.S. This technique enables the MHM 2010TM to deliver long-term frequency stability normally only attributed to the most stable cesium atomic standards.

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