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Optimized Network Timing and Synchronization

Empowered is pleased to serve as Canada’s leader in  Time, Frequency & Phase Synchronization. As a Microchip Technology Diamond Partner, we are committed to delivering the most accurate, secure, and resilient timing solutions to major enterprises, service providers, power utility and government entities, supporting critical infrastructure and business systems. Our team of experts offer a comprehensive range of specialized network synchronization solutions and professional services.

Our partner, Microchip Technology, is the world’s leading source of highly precise timekeeping technologies and solutions that enable next-generation data, voice, mobile, security, and video networks and services. These solutions are used to provide timekeeping in GPS satellites, national time references and national power grids, as well as in critical military and civilian networks. In collaboration with international standards groups, Microchip helps set the world’s timekeeping standards.



Quality network timing synchronization in your enterprise network is critical to operate your business dependably and securely.  Operating your own  sync clock increases security by closing a vulnerable port to the public internet.  It also ensures the performance and reliability for compliance requirements such as log files and ticketing systems.


Quality timing synchronization in your telecom network is critical in ensuring the dependable and secure operations of both your legacy and leading-edge network services.  At Empowered, we work with you to develop robust network timing solutions required to ensure the optimal performance of your network.

Power Utilities

Resilient, secure, and accurate timing synchronization in your power utility network is critical, especially as you move through the process of substation modernization to full implementation of IEC 61850. Empowered can help. Partner with us for seamless integration, expert guidance, and reliable performance throughout your journey.


Secure network timing is vital for accurate and coordinated government operations. Precise timekeeping protects data integrity, boosts communication reliability, and supports critical functions like financial transactions and cybersecurity, ensuring security, compliance, and trust in sensitive government operations.

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In addition to providing best-in-class Timing and Synchronization solutions from Microchip, Empowered provides extensive services and solutions to help navigate your journey to Empowered Network Intelligence.