Optimized Network Timing and Synchronization – How We Can Help

Optimized Network Timing and Synchronization

How We Can Help

Empowered Networks is pleased to serve as Canada’s leading resource for Time, Frequency & Phase Synchronization. We deliver high quality solutions to major service providers and enterprises, requiring unique timing and synchronization expertise. Our team of experts offer a range of specialized network synchronization solutions and professional services, including network audits, consulting, training, synchronization network design, and installation, all specially designed with your needs in mind. At Empowered Networks, we specialize in understanding your specific network timing needs and supporting your precise, reliable and secure network timing requirements.

Our partner, Microchip Corporation, is the world’s leading source of highly precise timekeeping technologies and solutions that enable next-generation data, voice, mobile, security, and video networks and services. These solutions are used to provide timekeeping in GPS satellites, national time references and national power grids, as well as in critical military and civilian networks. In collaboration with international standards groups, Microchip helps set the world’s timekeeping standards.

News + Events

  • Time to Sync! Newsletter
    Introducing TimeProvider® 4100 Release 2.2 Grandmaster – expands on three key core capabilities that are necessary for operators of critical infrastructure: Redundancy via a software schema and direct Ethernet connections between two units Resiliency with new GNSS multiband support as well as a new super OCXO oscillator option for enhanced holdover and timekeeping Security via […]
  • Now Available! Microchip Technology, Inc. BlueSky™ GNSS Firewall, Software Release 3.0
    Empowered Networks is pleased to announce the release of Microchip Technologies, Inc. BlueSky GNSS Firewall, Software Release 3.0. Microchip Unifies Management of “Terrestrial Time” and “Live-Sky Time” Sources to Enable Resilient Timing for Critical Infrastructure. TimePictra® 11 timing infrastructure management system works with its BlueSky™ GNSS Firewall to create a unified view for a more […]
  • Synchronized and Accurate Timing is Essential to the Secure and Optimal Performance of Your Business-Critical Operations
    Log file accuracy, network fault diagnosis and recovery, email timestamp integrity, transaction processing and much more all rely on accurate, reliable and secure network timing.  Network timing errors can not only be costly but can result in significant operational and compliance implications. Join us for a live discussion to hear strategies on how to optimize […]

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In addition to providing best-in-class Timing and Synchronization solutions from Microchip, Empowered offers a wide range of specialized solutions and services including Core Network Services, Network Automation + Compliance, DNS Security, Cloud Network Automation and the Professional Services required for their successful deployment.