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At Empowered by Optm, we specialize in understanding your network timing needs and supporting your precise, reliable and secure network timing requirements.

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Site Surveys
Synchronization Audits
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Cutover Assistance
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Custom Training
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Ongoing Support

Site Surveys

Site Surveys are designed to ensure the installation and integration of your network timing and synchronization solution has the specific site information required to successfully complete your project planning  prior to project implementation.

Our experts will visit your site to inspect facilities and perform a complete site survey in order to document project preparations, and details like planned equipment locations, availability of rack space and access, cable lengths, conduit types, and optimum GPS antenna location. We will review our survey results, findings and recommendations with your on-site teams to identify any obstacles, and determine feasible solutions.

Your completed Site Survey will include a written report with our findings and recommendations that can be incorporated into your project planning and implementation processes, to support a successful installation.

Synchronization Audits

Synchronization Audits assess your existing network investments and identify issues before they become critical and costly problems that could impact Quality of Service to your customers.

Our team inspects your installed equipment using advanced auditing, testing and verification procedures to update timing source and network element records. We compile the accurate, current records required to plan upgrades and changes, ensure a smooth cutover, and avoid errors. Our team can also assess the compliance of your network against current telecom standards, evaluate redundancy and design, and ensure installed equipment is performing optimally.

Following your audit, we deliver a comprehensive status report, an executive overview of results and a summary of recommendations.


Our Implementation Services provide timely and accurate equipment installations according to your specifications, goals and objectives.

Our installation teams are synchronization experts. We conduct site surveys, perform hardware installation, configure software applications to your needs, with acceptance testing and supporting documentation. When we leave your location your timing and synchronization equipment is provisioned to your requirements and ready for service.

We provide you a complete and accurate project based installation, on time delivery, and with minimal impact to your team and customers.

Ongoing Support

Empowered offers your team with 24/7 direct and ongoing support for all of your Microchip Frequency & Timing Systems needs.  Our experts, based at Empowered’s Customer Support Center in Ottawa, offer extensive knowledge and experience to support your Microchip products. We provide your team with ongoing support, assisting with installation, rectifying software issues, notification of new firmware releases, patches and upgrades and troubleshooting. By understanding your network, we help to ensure your timing and synchronization solutions are up to date and performing optimally. We further support you, offering:

Platform Maintenance

Platform maintenance is key to remediating vulnerabilities, and keeping your Microchip products up-to-date, operational and secure. We provide you access to updates, upgrades, patches, point releases, maintenance releases, and related documentation, in addition to access to technical support from our Customer Support Center. Platform Maintenance is available for all Microchip hardware, embedded software, firmware, craft and Network Management System (NMS) software.

Extended Hardware Warranty

Extended warranty contracts extend the initial return-to-factory repair services for Microchip hardware products. Microchip guarantees certified factory repair and an update to the latest revision level (when appropriate), with a guaranteed repair turnaround time. Optionally, extend this with Spares Support, including Advance Replacement of failed units. To obtain an RMA# for a Warranty Repair, please visit our Support page, open a ticket and include the serial number for the device.

Hardware Repairs

Empowered offers return-to-factory repairs for most current and discontinued products, on a case-by-case basis. To get a quote for repair, please visit our Support page, open a ticket and include the serial number for the device.

Cutover Assistance

Empowered has extensive experience in helping customers transition to new technology.

Cutting over a synchronization solution to new equipment is a complex, critical activity. A poorly executed implementation can have serious implications to your network. Our team has the experience and expertise required to diagnose and resolve issues in real time during a cutover. We can also provide comprehensive Method of Procedure (MOP) documentation for your team to implement.

Leverage our experience, best practices and methodology to ensure your success.

Custom Training

Empowered provides the customized training your team requires for troubleshooting, installation, operations and the maintenance of Microchip products.

Our instructors are highly qualified synchronization experts with extensive practical experience. They will collaborate with your team to define the coverage, length and scope of instruction, develop curriculum, and deliver customized training programs onsite at your facilities, or as desired.