Empowered provides a full suite of Timing & Synchronization Services

 Engage our team to enable your team and your business to succeed:

Site Surveys

Site Surveys are designed to ensure installations proceed smoothly, according to plan.

Our experts visit your site to inspect facilities and preparations, and details like planned equipment locations, availability of rack space and access, cable lengths, conduit types, and optimum GPS antenna location (if applicable). We will review findings and possibilities with on-site contacts to identify any obstacles, and determine feasible solutions.

A Site Survey includes a written report with our findings and recommendations to identify and incorporate issues into our work plan for a successful installation, before work begins.

Synchronization Audits

Audits leverage your existing network investments and identify maintenance issues before they become critical and costly problems that impact Quality of Service to customers.

Our team inspects your installed equipment using advanced auditing, testing and verification procedures to update timing source and network element records. We compile the accurate, current records you need to plan upgrades and changes, ensure a smooth cutover, and avoid mistakes. We can also check your network’s compliance with current telecom standards evaluate redundancy and design, and ensure installed equipment is performing optimally.

Following our Audit we deliver a comprehensive status report, along with an executive overview of results and our expert summary of recommendations.


Empowered can provide timely, accurate equipment installations as a service based on an inclusive Statement of Work.

Our installation teams are synchronization experts. We conduct site surveys, perform hardware installation, configure software applications to your needs, with acceptance testing and supporting documentation. When we leave the site all lights are green and the equipment is provisioned to customer specifications and ready for service.

You get a complete and accurate installation, on time, with fewer visits, lower overall costs, and minimal impact on your team.

Lab Evaluation Support

Empowered can help you plan trials of new technologies like PTP in your lab or in the field, and evaluate trial results.

Our deep technical expertise is backed by unmatched knowledge in the synchronization marketplace, and a long legacy in proven best practices and technical efficiencies in telecom testing.

Professional services from Empowered can supplement your team and ensure success.

Cutover Assistance

Empowered has extensive experience in helping customers transition to new technology.

Cutting over a Synchronization BITS shelf to new equipment is a complex, critical activity – If it doesn’t go perfectly, customers will be seriously affected. Empowered’s team has the experience and expertise required to diagnose and resolve issues on the spot. We can also develop a comprehensive Method of Procedure (MOP) document for your team to implement.

Leverage our experience, best practices and methodology to ensure your success.

Custom Training

Empowered can deliver the customized training your team needs on troubleshooting, installation, operations and maintenance of Microchip products.

Our instructors are qualified synchronization experts with current practical experience. They will collaborate with your team to define the coverage, length and scope of instruction, develop curriculum, and deliver customized training programs onsite at your facilities, or as desired.

Trained staff can troubleshoot and resolve problems before they start, saving time and money.