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GPS Instruments

Unprecedented synchronization flexibility and performance

Discover GPS Instruments solutions
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Microchip’s wide range of GPS instruments help you to minimize latency while ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of your mission critical operations.

At Empowered, we specialize in understanding complex network timing requirements and the implementation and integration of specific GPS solutions, uniquely designed to support precise, reliable and secure network timing requirements.

SyncSystem 4380A
Microchip SyncSystem 4380A

Microchip’s SyncSystem 4380A builds upon the legacy of the DVB SyncSource 4307A with a completely updated product design that uses high end components and advanced algorithms to deliver world class performance for the most demanding precise time and frequency applications.

SyncServer S650 Network Time Server
Microchip SyncServer S650

The SyncServer® S650, leveraging FlexPort technology, offers unparalleled synchronization adaptability and performance for modern instrumentation systems and networks. With GNSS referencing, it suits diverse applications. This modular time server seamlessly integrates time and frequency instrumentation, boasting unique flexibility and robust network-based, security-hardened features. Its timing output flexibility ensures precise and coherent signals without requiring a signal distribution chassis.

BlueSky™️ GNSS Firewall
BlueSky™️ GNSS Firewall

The vulnerability of GPS systems to various signal incidents is well documented. The rapid proliferation of GPS systems has embedded these vulnerabilities into critical national infrastructure as well as corporate infrastructures that rely on GPS-delivered position, navigation and timing (PNT) for daily operations. The widespread deployment of GPS makes it impractical to replace all fielded GPS systems in a timely or cost-effective manner.

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