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Ultimate precision with sub-microsecond range accuracy

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Precision Time Protocol, also known as PTP/1588 is a packet-based network time synchronization standard aimed at achieving sub-microsecond timing accuracy. In instances where more granular synchronization is required and sharper time stamping is critical, a PTP server is often recommended.

At Empowered, we specialize in understanding complex network timing needs and the implementation and integration of specific PTP server solutions, uniquely designed to support precise, reliable and secure network timing requirements.

TimeProvider 4100
Microchip TimeProvider 4100 Series

Critical infrastructure communication networks rely on our TimeProvider 4100 series for accurate, resilient, and secure IEEE® 1588-compliant Grandmasters. This innovative hardware platform, featuring unique software options and versatile operation modes, can be deployed at core sites, aggregation sites, fronthaul, or backhaul.

Integrated GNSS Grandmaster
Integrated GNSS Grandmaster

While time synchronization has always been essential for wireless networks to function, requirements have evolved dramatically as operators increase small cell use and optimize spectrum usage to enable 4.5G, 4.9G and 5G network capabilities.

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