Introducing the GridTime™ 3000 GNSS Time Server

Introducing the GridTime™ 3000 GNSS Time Server

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Two engineers with electrical grid in background and gnss device floating in foreground.

The GridTime™ 3000 GNSS time server is a software-enabled solution that provides enhanced levels of redundant, secure and resilient timing for power utility substations. It generates precise time and frequency signals to synchronize analog and digital communication systems within the substation.


  • Compliant to IEEE® 1613-2009 and IEC 61850-3 electrical substation environmental requirements
  • Fully flexible, software-configurable hardware model
  • Isolated single- or dual-power supply options
  • Supports a wide range of industry profiles for IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
  • Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXOs) and rubidium holdover options

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